Revised Masterplan

The proposals - The Dell and the Plateau

Our plans will create:

  1. 115 one and two-bed homes for older people
  2. Residents’ lounge
  3. Guest suite & Reception
  4. Cinema and function room
  5. Staff accommodation and facilities
  6. Restaurant for our residents and the public
  7. Library Space
  8. Orangery and public garden
  9. Wellness suite for our residents and local residents on a membership basis
  10. Cycle storage facilities
  11. Car parking for residents, staff and visitors

The Approach

The site divides naturally into two distinct parts: The crown of the hill or Knowle (The Plateau) and the valley that comes down to where EDDC’s car park currently is (The Dell).

Meeting Sidmouth’s Housing Need

East Devon District Council’s draft Local Plan expects that 150 new homes will be built in Sidmouth between 2013 and 2031. Our development will contribute toward this housing target.

In its draft Local Plan, East Devon District Council has allocated 50 new homes for the site. This allocation was not based on any detailed study of the capacity of the site to accommodate new housing. We are proposing 115 apartments. One and two-bed apartments are much smaller than a typical house, therefore, they take up much less space than a typical home.

We have also ensured that our proposed buildings are carefully located on parts of the site that are currently developed. This means our buildings will fit in to the landscape and allow us to retain the important trees and open spaces in the parkland.

  1. Our revised master plan

1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 11 11 Sidmouth Consultation

Our New Plans For The Dell

We have reduced the amount of proposed accommodation at The Dell. This is in direct response to comments received from local residents at our November consultation.

These changes ensure that we can keep the large sycamore tree and will make the facilities provided at The Dell more accessible to our visitors.

In addition, we have extended The Dell to the west to ensure it fits in better with its surroundings and reduced the height of The dell to make it less visable to our neighbours. The Dell area will no longer include a car park. Rather, the parking has been replaced by a landscaped area to further reflect its rural setting.

Our plans will bring the following to The Dell:

  • 34 new homes
  • Wellness suite for our residents and local residents on a membership basis
  • Restaurant for our residents and the public
  • Cycle storage, bin storage and plant storage
  1. Our previous plans for The Dell
  2. Looking toward The Dell from the entrance
  3. Our previous plans for The Dell
  4. Looking toward The Dell from the park
  5. CGI of The Dell

Footpath access for our residents

1Footpath access for our residents

2Footpath access for our residents

3Footpath access for our residents

4Footpath access for our residents

5Footpath access for our residents

Our New Plans For The Plateau

We have reduced the number of apartments proposed at The Plateau. We have also changed the roofs of our buildings to include pitched roofs and gables. These reflect the styles of a number of buildings in Sidmouth including the Sidholme Hotel and Knowle Cottage, which formerly stood on the site.

Our plans will bring the following to The Plateau:

  • 81 new homes
  • Orangery and public garden
  • Guest suite & reception area
  • Cycle storage facilities, bin storage, plant storage
  • Residents’ lounge
  • Library Space
  • Cinema and function room
  • Staff accommodation and facilities

  1. Sections
  2. Previous flat roof version of Knowle Drive view
  3. Looking south from Knowle Drive
  4. Previous flat roof version looking towards the park
  5. Looking toward the park
  6. Previous flat roof version looking north from park terraces
  7. Looking north from park terraces
  8. CGI of The Plateau

1Our plans

2Our plans

3Our plans

4Our plans

5Our plans

6Our plans

7Our plans

8Our plans


Our proposals will be set in new, landscaped gardens designed to contribute toward Sidmouth’s horticultural heritage.

We want our plans to feel like they are part of the park and we are working closely with the Sidmouth Arboretum to achieve this. To this end there will be no physical boundary between our site and the park and the plants and trees we plant will complement those at the Knowle.

Our landscape proposals include new Indian Bean and Tulip trees, species that can already be seen at the Knowle. We will also introduce new, decorative species of tree to complement species already there such as Judas, Foxglove and Strawberry.

Opposite, you can see the different seasonal colours our landscaping proposals aim to create to fit in with Sidmouth’s existing horticulture.

Our landscaping proposals have moved on since our November consultation to take into account comments from residents and local interest groups, as well as our evolving ideas.

We are looking to create a balance between local and exotic in our landscaping plans that looks back to Thomas Fish’s exotic gardens of the 1900s. We will plant a mix of evergreen and deciduous species of tree to help the parkland stay green throughout the year.

  1. We have changed the proposed route from the restaurant to the park to make the restaurant more accessible to local residents.
  2. The restaurant now includes terraces on two sides to encourage people to sit outside and enjoy both the restaurant and the park.
  3. In response to comments from residents and the Sidmouth Arboretum our plans for the Dell have changed to ensure the Sycamore tree can be retained (see opposite).
  4. We have included more planting around the entrance to The Dell to further integrate it into the park.
  5. We have improved the landscaping around Building B to draw visitors’ attention to it.
  6. In response to comments received from our neighbours we will make the access from Knowle Drive step free, making it easier for everyone to use.
  7. We have improved our plans for a new orangery on the south terrace to include better seating and planting.
  8. In response to comments received from local residents, we have moved the refuse store closer to Knowle Drive. This allows us to include permanent bollards, ensuring no cars can ever access Knowle Drive from our site.
  9. Our plans will now retain the established Eucalyptus tree.

  1. Landscape masterplan
  2. The seasonal colours our plans aim to create
  3. The Sycamore tree will be retained
  4. Our proposed Orangery
  5. What our Orangery could look like
  6. We will retain the Eucalyptus tree
  7. Thomas Fish’s exotic gardens

1Cross-sections of the Dell

2Cross-sections of the Dell

3Cross-sections of the Dell

4Cross-sections of the Dell

5Cross-sections of the Dell

6Cross-sections of the Dell

7Cross-sections of the Dell