Thank you for taking the time to view our plans for new assisted-living apartments and wellness facilities for over 60s at the Knowle, Sidmouth. PegasusLife is hosting this website so that local residents and businesses can give their views on our proposals for the site.

PegasusLife submitted its plans for the Knowle to East Devon District Council on 31 March 2016. If you have any questions about the plans, or would like to discuss them with a member of our team, please register your details here

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1Sidmouth Consultation

2Sidmouth Consultation

About PegasusLife

PegasusLife’s central idea is that everyone, irrespective of age, shares an aspiration to live independently within an intelligently-designed and socially-inclusive environment. The creation of caring, safe and secure environments, which promote healthy living and wellness, lies at the heart of our approach.

PegasusLife never follows a 'cookie cutter' approach to design and employs the country's best architects, designers, academics and creative thinkers to truly change how this industry is understood and new schemes delivered.

  1. Steepleton, Tetbury
  2. Inside Malt Yard, Woodbridge
  3. Malt Yard, Woodbridge
  4. Atlantic Rise, Bude
  5. Inside Wildernesse House, Sevenoaks
  6. Wildernesse House, Sevenoaks
  7. Inside Chapter House, Lichfield
  8. Inside One Bayshill Rd, Cheltenham
  9. Chapter House, Lichfield

1Steepleton, Tetbury

2Inside Malt Yard, Woodbridge

3Malt Yard, Woodbridge

4Atlantic Rise, Bude

5Inside Wildernesse House, Sevenoaks

6Wildernesse House, Sevenoaks

7Inside Chapter House, Lichfield

8Inside One Bayshill Rd, Cheltenham

9Chapter House, Lichfield

The history of the Knowle

East Devon District Council (EDDC) is moving its offices from the Knowle. PegasusLife has been chosen by EDDC to redevelop the site. The Knowle has changed a great deal over the past 200 years. These changes have seen large amounts of the parkland sold into private ownership.

We have traced the history of the Knowle from its roots as a cottage built in the early 1800s for Lord le Despencer, to the emergence of Thomas Fish’s decorated cottage with its menagerie and gardens, through its years as a hotel and botanical gardens, to the development of EDDC’s offices. Traces of each period are still in evidence across the estate.

The Knowle, a history

  • 1805 – 34 acres of richly-ornamented and well-maintained parklands
  • 1812 – the completion of a forty-room house for Lord le Despencer described by The Times as having commanding views over the sea
  • 1820 – Thomas Fish purchases the home and makes changes to the house and gardens introducing a variety of exotic animals such as kangaroos, alpaca and zebra
  • 1866 – The house is purchased by the grandson of the founder of Lloyds of London. He makes further changes to the house and introduces the Gate Lodge and grottos
  • 1880 – the park is reduced to 29 acres, the plants are sold and a hotel established
  1. Cottage orne - 1805
  2. Hotel established - 1880
  3. Image of Thomas Fish's gardens
  4. Image of Thomas Fish's gardens
  5. How the park has grown smaller over time

The Knowle, Sidmouth. A Stately Pleasure
Dome compiled by Christine and Rab
Barnard for Sidmouth Museum

1Cottage orne - 1805

2Hotel established - 1880

3Image of Thomas Fish's gardens

4Image of Thomas Fish's gardens

5How the park has grown smaller over time

The Site

Our site includes the EDDC buildings and parts of the grounds including the council car park. It does not include the car park near Station Road. The park, the car park near Station Road and the existing Grade II listed summerhouse will remain in public ownership.

  1. Our site is within the red line
  2. Car park remaining in public ownership
  3. Listed buildings outside the site

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